Dust Diggers

DUST DIGGERS is a doublet of two talented jazzy Lo-fi sound producers; "Moonboy" and "Hicks" from Vienna-Austria. Both signed to "Tama's Little Music Shop" music label, the two multi-faceted artists have been releasing music for the greatest part of their lives. If you are usually traveling to old-school record/vinyl stores, then you are likely to find the Dust Diggers in a store near you.

With a vast discography featuring Lo-fi, Jazzy Lo-fi sound, and Hip-Hop kind of vibes between the two producers, their collaboration comes in with a clear attitude of mashing talents and adding more Boom Bap elements to their sound. Always resurrecting and crate digging to find new gems, Dust Diggers is what some would brand as “Versatile.” Their new collab project anticipated to drop soon is going to be a mixture of diction and is about to blow up with its amazing production. Artist “Moonboy” is known for his artistry and smooth beats with his jazz guitar samples. His musical agility is what he brings to Dust Diggers. Supplementary to that is “Hicks” who is a serious crate digger and always unearthing something exciting every day. There is no doubt of this duo – “Dust Diggers” is about to bring a new force to the sound of Vienna.